Kitchen Tile Contractor

When it comes to choosing a tile contractor, we know you have options. However, not every tile contractor can create your dream kitchen or bathroom just the way you envision it.

At Idaho Falls Construction and Remodeling, we’re experts in laying a variety of tile from marble, stone to ceramic tile. We can create the look you’ve always wanted, no matter how complex or time-consuming.

We’re here to make your dream home a reality. When you need a Tile Contractor In Idaho Falls ID, call Idaho Falls Construction and Remodeling at (208) 254-6683. We look forward to providing you with a free estimate today.

Stone vs Ceramic Tile

Should you go with a stone or ceramic tile in your bathroom? Great question! Let’s take a look at differences between the two materials.

Stone is incredibly strong and durable. Granite tile is the hardest of stone tile and can hold up to just about anything. However, it needs to be sealed properly because it’s a naturally a porous material.

Slate is another durable stone tile, however, it is prone to chips and cracks on the edges. Limestone and sandstone are both porous materials and should always be properly sealed to keep moisture at bay. In general, sandstone should not be used in a bathroom because this natural stone tile is so susceptible to water damage.

Ceramic tile is made from clay. Ceramic is strong and easy to clean, especially if you opt for glazed ceramic tile. We can help you choose the right tile for your bathroom, kitchen, and flooring.

Tile Flooring Contractor

If you’ve always dreamed of tile flooring throughout your home, we can make that vision a reality. We’re experts at laying a tile floor in the kitchen, mudroom, bathroom, and other areas throughout your home.

Tile flooring is fuss-free, easy to maintain and easy to clean.

Kitchen Tile Trends

In general, there is not a whole lot of differences in Kitchen Tile Vs Bathroom Tile.  Tile is made to work in both environments, with the exception of sandstone. Sandstone is porous and best left out of the bathroom.

Using tile in your kitchen is a great way to add character, dimension, and protect surfaces from water and spills.

Kitchen tile trends include:

  • Ceiling height back-splash
  • Larger subway tiles
  • Patterns
  • Bold colors
  • Metallic finishes
  • Marble slabs

No matter the size of the project, Idaho Falls Construction and Remodeling can make it happen. We look forward to working together soon!

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