Kitchen Remodeling Company

When you remodel your kitchen, upgrading your appliances is usually part of the overall plan. Nothing dates a kitchen quicker than outdated appliances- especially if they don’t work quite like they used to.

Kitchen appliances are a big part of how your kitchen looks and the overall function of the space. When remodeling,  you’ll want to consider a new stove, microwave, refrigerator, beverage fridge, oven, warming oven, and dishwasher.

When you need a Kitchen Remodeler In Idaho Falls ID  you can count on Idaho Falls Construction and Remodeling to get the job done for you! Our attention to detail and more than three decades of experience truly set us apart from the other construction companies in town.

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Kitchen Remodeling 101

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there is a lot of decisions to make. Soon, you’ll have to decide between quartz or marble for your counter tops and the finish of your appliances.

If you’re adding new appliances during your remodel, you’ll also have to decide if you are going to have a smart kitchen. Smart kitchen is basically a term used to describe a high-tech kitchen. Some fridges are equipped with cameras and Wi-Fi, allowing you to check the contents of your fridge right from aisle 6 in the grocery store. How about that?

Ovens, microwaves, and even coffee makers are all equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can control them remotely from your phone. Smart kitchens aren’t for everyone and you’ll want to do your research before investing in the latest and greatest technology.

Current trends in appliances also include french door ovens, touch and swipe controls, white appliances, matte appliances, steam ovens, gray tones, industrial style, and smaller hoods and bold color appliances.

Your Local Remodeler

Idaho Falls Construction and Remodeling is a locally owned company, working with homeowners to create the kitchen of their dreams.

We do everything from Choosing The Right Kitchen Counter tops to installing new cabinets, flooring, and tile! In addition to kitchen remodeling, we can also give your basement and bathroom a much-needed face-lift.

New Appliances in Your Remodel?

This is a question every homeowner must ask themselves when they embark on a kitchen remodel. If you’re drastically changing styles, it may be time to upgrade your appliances as well. It all depends on your budget and design style.

However, if your appliances are fairly new and in good working order, you may want to keep the current appliances and upgrade a few years later. This will free up more money in your budget for that kitchen island you’ve been dreaming about!

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