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Counter-tops are the workhorse of any kitchen. Counter-tops see a whole lot of action- chopping, spilling, wiping, cleaning and more. Your counter-tops also set the tone for your entire kitchen. The right color and material can make or break your kitchen experience.

Replacing your kitchen counter-tops is an easy way to instantly transform your space as well. Even if you keep your old cabinets and upgrade the counter-tops, you’re still going to get that much-needed face-lift in this space.

With so many counter-top options, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the right choice for you and your family. From quartz to butcher block, as the premier Kitchen Remodeler In Idaho Falls ID, we can help you find the right counter-top for your lifestyle and budget!

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Kitchen COUNTER-TOP Trends

Here are the most popular kitchen counter-top trends we’re seeing in homes across the region:

  • Integrated Sinks
  • Neutral Tones
  • Back splash tiles
  • Counter-tops with veining and patterns
  • Quartz
  • Matte finish

Remodeling Your COUNTER-TOPS

Quartz is a popular counter-top choice because of its durability and beauty.  Quartz looks a lot like stone, except it needs less maintenance. Granite is a great choice because it holds up well to scratches, cuts, and heat. However, granite requires resealing overtime.

Laminate is inexpensive and its resistant to stains and heat. However, if you accidentally slice bread or veggies directly on the counter-top, it will scratch the surface.

Butcher block is another great counter-top material because of the instant charm it can bring to any space. However, this material requires re-staining and sealing every couple of years. Plus, butcher block scratches and stains easily. However, sanding the stained or scratched area will make it magically disappear.

It’s amazing How Kitchen Cabinets Make The Room! Marble is another popular choice for counter-tops, however, it tends to be rather pricey and it easily stains. Marble is durable material and lasts forever! Marble also gives you that timeless, classic look you may want in a kitchen.

Locally Owned Kitchen Remodeler

In addition to upgrading your counter-tops, we can also help narrow down your Kitchen Remodeling Appliance Options.  Smart appliances and matte, slate finished appliances are a few more trends we’re seeing a lot of in 2018.

Idaho Falls Construction and Remodeling is a locally owned business with more than 30 years of experience. We’re experts when it comes to remodeling and can’t wait to create your dream kitchen today!

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